P90X3 – Week 2 (training and nutrition)

On January 6th, I added the P90X3 workouts to my workout schedule.  Mostly because I didn’t do a great job of cutting during the 3 week Beast phase of Body Beast (holidays are a killer). Plus, let’s face it, I was just so amped to see what Tony Horton has up his sleeve.  I am choosing to follow the Classic P90X3 schedule, since that is what the test group did, and they finished with jaw dropping results — averaging 10% bodyfat loss in 90 days.  So, me being me, I had to get in on it and see for myself.

For those keeping track, yes, that means I am doing a double split schedule. P90X3 workouts in the morning, and Body Beast workouts in the evening. The workout variety is pretty awesome, and I am enjoying the workouts. My lack of cardio for the last several months leaves me in a sweaty pile on the floor during some of the X3 workouts, but after a few weeks, I’ll be back in the swing of things.

Mostly, I’m looking forward to the additional fat loss (summer’s coming!), as well as the extra core and flexibility work that the X3 workouts bring (Yoga X, and Total Synergistics have been a challenge for me in the first week).

Nutritionally, I am following Plan F from the P90X3 nutrition book, which does fall right in line with what I would be consuming during the Beast phase of Body Beast.  Normally, I log everything into MyFitnessPal. But I want to do this right and follow the guidelines to the letter, soooooo when I calculated my nutrition using the calorie and nutrient guidelines given in P90X3, I  noticed that it’s a little heavier in protein, and a touch lighter in carbs than the guidelines call for and will adjust that later this week (2 protein servings over, and 2 carb servings under).

Here’s what my plan for this week looks like (click image to enlarge):

P90x3 week2 pt 1

The workouts for this week are:

Monday: (AM) Total Synergistics  //  (PM) Build: Legs

Tuesday: (AM) Agility X     // (PM) Build: Back & Biceps

Wednesday: (AM) Yoga X     // (PM) Build: Shoulders

Thursday: (AM) The Challenge (use band)   //  (PM) Rest

Friday: (AM) CVX    // (PM) Build: Chest & Tris

Saturday: (AM) The Warrior  // (PM) Tempo: Back & Biceps

Sunday: (AM) Dynamix    // (PM): Rest

Happy to say that after one week, the scale is down almost 5 lbs! I attribute that to mostly water weight as I went from a 50% carbs, 30% protein, 20% fat plan to the P90X3 plan which is more along the lines of a Zone diet.

My results from the 1st week of P90X3

Really excited to see the 90 day results from this! And also can’t wait to see how the rest of my workout group do with X3! There are 11 of us going through this together, sharing tips and recipes … pushing each other to do better … It’s pretty cool.

If you have any questions about P90X3, my workout schedule, or P90X3 nutrition … please leave a comment below or (even better) reach out to me by using the CONTACT form that should be in the lower right portion of the screen. Let’s talk! 


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